The Plant LAXMIKAMAL & VISHNU KAMAL   that which you are seeing is a very miraculous plant.

In planting this plant with the Vidhi- Vidhan  in the house, you will surely get a special result which will remove the obstruction caused by your wealth and the new dimension of wealth for you will open .

If money does not sustain  in your home, then it will also help to sustain money at your home or business .

Shortly after applying this plant, you will feel that money has started coming to your house and to pave new and new paths of earning money will start.

By applying this plant, Vastu defect is removed from the house. If you are troubled by somebody’s court case, then plant the Aparajita plant with LAXMIKAML Plant.

Place this plant in the north east direction i.e., or near the place of worship, within a few days or the plantIng this plant will start showing the effect its  does not provide money, but also maintains peace and prosperity in the house. is .

By applying this plant, your problems related to money are solved because in it Laxmi ji lives.